Welcome to Happy Mondays


Mar 3, 2019

Welcome to Happy Mondays, an exciting collaboration between the Internet Centre and its creative partners established to provide our clients with a premium design and technology agency and information sharing platform.

As an Australian owned and managed enterprise, we want Happy Mondays to become your business’s go to place for not only your online needs, but a site that will be informative, motivational and the catalyst for new ideas.

The comprehensive product and service range we offer includes the following:

UI/UX strategy
Product strategy
Innovation consulting

UI/UX design
Brand identity
Websites and mobile apps
Visual design
Prototyping and testing

In addition to these services, Happy Mondays will also post inspiring articles on achieving success in business, Government policy, upcoming industry events and the arrival and use of new online applications like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

As salient information is so very vital to the operation of any business, we would like your comments on what we post and any suggestions for future content.

Happy Mondays exists for the sole purpose of giving our clients a premium service that will help their business grow even bigger and better. Not rocket science, but an objective we aim to achieve, as if you don’t succeed, nor do we.